A Girl

Today as we left the center, some of the older girls walked out with us.  I watched as B turned and walked down an alleyway leading into Sonagaachi.  My heart broke.  Such a beautiful, intelligent, gentle girl with so much potential.  What will become of her?  Chances are good she’s already been the victim of abuse and violence.  Will she rise above it?  I know God is stronger, more powerful than the forces of evil, but will His plans prevail in her life?  How I want to take her and mentor her, disciple her, sow into her life.  And there are so many like her.  Even just at this one center there are so many girls (and boys) and so few workers.  How, Lord?  How?


3 thoughts on “A Girl

  1. Becky, you are not required to know”how” only do want is placed in your charge. God will do the rest. He will send others to continue the work you and others have started, just like He has sent you to continue the work of those before you.
    The task is great but God is greater; the hurt is hard to bear but God won’t let you bear it alone; the ministry is hard but God is your peace; the places are lonely and barren but God is you companion and comforter; the culture is fearful but God’s perfect love dispels fear.
    You are His chosen vessel for this time and place, don’t let the evil one redirect your attention to a larger scope that will overwhelm, discourage and dispear. Be faithful to the task that lays before you and be full of faith for a harvest of souls that will be reaped because of your efforts. Your reward will be greater than diamonds and rubies when the time is right.
    Be careful, cautious and bold. Remember, harmless as a dove but wise as a serpent! I love you!! Daddy

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