Several people have asked me questions about the march, specifically about the reasons behind it and my choice to participate. After some time of reflection following the march, I decided to put thoughts to paper. Hopefully, the following will answer some questions, or even better, spark some discussion. Continue reading #WhyIMarch

Grown Up

I am 30. I have 2 degrees. I’ve held multiple jobs. I’ve signed leases and bought insurance and have a retirement account. I take intercontinental flights by myself. I live on my own. I have a funeral plan. By all accounts, I am a grown up. Or should be… Continue reading Grown Up

Yet Again

A few people have contacted me about my blog lately and it got me thinking about how inconsistent I am with my writing. I suppose I should say how inconsistent I am with my posting rather than writing, seeing as I have about a million, give or take a few, unpublished blogs. Continue reading Yet Again