A Big, Fat Thank You

I don’t say it often enough.  Probably, most of us don’t.  But the truth is, I owe a lot of people a lot of thanks.

My first year in Kenya is quickly coming to a close (I’ll be home in 7 Sunday Schools!).  As I’ve been looking back over this year, there are so many people deserving of my gratitude.

To those who have supported me financially, whether a one time gift or a monthly commitment – Thank You! You are the ones who make sure I eat and allow me to have the internet access that let’s me communicate with my loved ones on the other side of the planet.  Your financial contributions also enable me to visit churches and ministries and do things beyond the scope of my classroom responsibilities.   In a very tangible way, you are the reason I’m here.

To those who have supported me in prayer – Thank You!  You are probably the only reason I haven’t fallen off a motorbike or been involved in some ridiculous road accident or contracted some weird disease. You help me overcome the struggles and battles and stand strong in what God has called me to do.  You are the reason I have survived this first year.

To those who have supported me emotionally, sending cards, letters, care packages, emails, Facebook notes, whatever – Thank You! You may think nothing of that note you hastily typed out before running out the door, but to me, it came on the perfect day at the perfect time to give me a boost of encouragement.  You are the reason I’m still here.

Most of all, to my family – I could never say thank you enough.  You made me who I am.  You support me in ways I’ll never know or fully understand.  And you always have.  Your sacrifices now and for the past 30 years have brought me to where I am.  I am so incredibly, beyond words grateful for you, grateful that God let me have you.  I am a blessed girl, a blessed daughter, sister, aunt.  You are the reason I am able to do what I do.

I may have come alone, but I am not blind to the countless people who make it possible for me to be here.  There are so many people who have joined me on my journey, and I am so grateful to God for every single one of you.

So, let me say it again…


You mean the world to me.


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