I find traditional liturgies to be a deep treasure, especially beautifully written prayers that I can read and meditate on.  One of my favorites is an Advent prayer titled, Come Home to God.  An excerpt…
Come Home to God
Unclutter your life
Take time to notice God’s presence
Let it flood your heart
Let it drench your soul
Let it overflow your spirit
The imagery of the second half is amazing. The overwhelming washing of God’s presence! Like a wave that completely overtakes you, dragging you under until you are completely submerged in the presence of God. Every morning when I read it, it takes my breath. But the most important part to me right now is the second line… Unclutter you life
While we certainly need to minimize the physical clutter in our lives… too many shoes, too much clothes we never wear, too many books, toys, dishes, contraptions, whatever. That’s not really what I’m talking about.  The non-material that we allow to fill our lives can cause just as much, if not more clutter. How many tv shows do I watch in a week? How many stupid articles do I read? How much music do I listen to that distracts me from my purpose and God’s heart for me? How much worry or frustration or anger do I allow to fill my heart and mind and push out joy and peace?
So this week, I choose to unclutter. I choose to make room to notice God’s presence. I choose to eradicate that which would overwhelm.  I choose to position myself in such a way that my soul may be drenched by the Spirit.  Julian of Norwich once said, “The fullness of joy is to behold God in everything.” I want my life uncluttered and uncomplicated enough that I may truly behold God in everything and everyone.

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