Six Months, Three Days

I’m confused…

Didn’t I just post that blog about being here 3 months last week? Maybe the week before? How is it that I’ve been in Kenya SIX MONTHS already?!?!

Well, the calendar doesn’t lie.  At least I don’t think it does.

Six months

That is one quarter of the way through my initial two year commitment.  I look around and try to gauge my progress… I’m not sure what to think.  In some areas, there is definite evidence of growth, but mostly personal.  As far as ministry goes, I’m not so sure.  Things haven’t developed quite as I envisioned, but I try to keep the big picture in mind, knowing that I am working toward a larger goal.  There are plenty of frustrations, but plenty of joys.  Life here can be ridiculously simple, yet awfully difficult at the same time.

I hope through my writings, sporadic as they may be, that I have found a way to articulate the sheer joy and blessing of walking this journey, while being honest about the struggles.  I hope I never romanticize the call to leave all behind to follow where God leads – any way you slice it, it is difficult.  But I hope just as much that I never live a life marked by complaining that would indicate in any way that this difficult calling isn’t worth it, because it is absolutely worth whatever the cost.

The hope of this calling is worth every birthday party attended via FaceTime instead of in person.  It is worth every kiss blown at a computer screen and every missed hug.  It is worth every solo dinner spent imagining the family gathered around mama and daddy’s table.

It’s been said that a missionary is someone who leaves their family temporarily so others may spend eternity with theirs.  That is my hope.  It is worth it to be so far away from the family I love so much, to live life with them at a distance, to miss out on big moments and small ones… it is worth it if even one child has the opportunity to know and experience the love of Christ.



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