My life is surreal.

On the one hand, I cannot believe I live on another continent doing things I only ever dreamed of. There are nights I look up at the stars, awestruck at all the ways God is working in my life. I visit places, I see people and things that I’ve read about but couldn’t begin to believe I would one day see with my own eyes.  There are times I close my eyes and suddenly I’m a little girl again, sitting on the floor spinning a globe, wondering and imagining what I might find if I ever got to go to those far away countries.  I sit in a moment and marvel.  Yet here I am, living a life beyond my wildest imaginings.

On the other hand, there are days when I look around me and all I see are statistics come to life. Things I studied, things I’ve read or researched, in human form.  The theoretical becomes the lived.  And again, life is surreal. It can be very difficult to reconcile what you have known only as “information” with the people now in front of you.  I find myself asking over and over, “Is this real?”  How can it be that girls are married off at 12 or 13 and that is totally acceptable?  How can people actually justify and participate in practices like female genital cutting?  Sometimes I look around and wonder how some things are more than just facts in a book.

This is my life… an amazing mix a wonder and beauty and questions.

Yes, my life is surreal.


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