There is a little chorus we used to sing when I was a kid.

Oh Lord, I need you.

Oh Lord, I need you.

Every day, every hour,

I’m sustained by your power.

Oh Lord, I need you

The other day I was standing at my sink washing dishes during a rain storm.  Seemingly out of nowhere, this song flooded my mind.  I stood there singing this little song and as the rain came harder, God’s presence filled my little kitchen.

This song wasn’t a cry of desperation.  There wasn’t any harrowing event that precipitated my singing.  It wasn’t a cry of “OH GOD I NEED YOU!!!” It was simply a reminder that God is our sustenance.  Every single day.  Every hour of every day.  God is the one who provides our strength, our resources, our food, our finances, our creativity, our rest.  Every breath is dependent upon God’s sustaining power.  And in the quiet moment, without the pressure of immediate need, I saw so clearly not only God’s provision, but God’s desire to provide.

We are the children of God, created as God’s handiwork.

Each person is the intentional creation of God. Even when we aren’t aware of our need for God, God desires to provide for us.  How is it possible that the God of the universe not only knows and loves us, but desires to provide every good gift, desires to sustain and preserve us.

Our sustenance has nothing to do with us, and everything to do with our great God.


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