Things I’m Trying to Learn

Follow up to my last post, lest you think I have everything figured out already…

  • Swahili
  • Names.  So many people with so many names
  • How not to draw so much attention to my exceedingly white self in the market (we couldn’t have had a single person of color in our Irish-Welsh-German-Russian-French heritage?!)
  • Where everything is in town.  I know it’s there, how do I get to it…
  • How to structure a two hour college level class to have meaningful content, when I’m used to compacting everything of importance into no more than 15 minutes
  • How to manage my produce shopping so I don’t have to go more often than necessary but I don’t end up with heaps and heaps of produce that get questionable before I get around to eating them.  But everything looks so good, how do I not buy heaps and heaps!
  • How to get over my creep-crawly paranoia.  “Paranoid” is not a good look for me.

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