There is a reason I am such a proponent of community-based ministry, especially with children but really for life in general.  That reason:  I have been blessed by an amazingly supportive community throughout my life.

From my earliest memories, my family has always been a source of encouragement, teaching, and grounding.

As I got older, my church family became an important influence.  My church family provided the catalyst for many of my formative life experiences.  And who do you think I leaned on in the years I lived far away from my parents?

Returning home after several years living in big cities, I have a deeper appreciation for my small town community.  As I have prepared to make the move to Kenya, I have repeatedly been overwhelmed by the support of those who share my home town.  My church, my eye doctor, my boss, former professors… so many people have supported me in so many diverse ways.

Yesterday was another example of the blessing of community.  One of my buddies hosts a local radio show and invited me on to talk about Kenya.  In just one day, I’ve seen additional visitors here (Hi, radio audience!) and people signing up for my email updates.  The radio show even surprised me with a monthly financial pledge!

I am incredibly blessed by the multiple layers of community that surround and support me.  And there are so many others that I haven’t mentioned… my academic communities, ministry groups, friends from other cities and countries.

You, by reading this, are part of my community.

They say it takes a village to raise a child.  Honestly, it takes a village to see your dreams come to reality at any age.  Thanks for taking time out of your life to be a part of mine.

PS… if you didn’t get the chance to hear the radio program live, you can click here


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