The Find

I haven’t used commercial shampoo in over five years.  To clarify, I do wash my hair, but instead of buying something off the shelf, I make my own hair care products (and most other personal care/hygiene stuff, too).  Since I don’t use any chemicals or thickeners or anything, the stuff pretty much has the consistency of water, which can be a pain to apply to my head, since I can’t squirt it in my hand like shampoo.  So, for the past 5+ years I’ve been searching for the perfect container.  The one magical something that will apply just the right amount of my concoction to my head without drowning me or pouring huge amounts straight down the drain.  Problem was, I didn’t know exactly what I was looking for.  I’ve tried all sorts of bottles, jars, cups, but just haven’t found the perfect one yet.

(I promise I have a point)

So, the other day I’m roaming through the dollar store.  I do that on occasion; you never know what treasures you might find for the bargain price of one dollar.  As I’m wandering past some school supplies, something on the very bottom shelf catches my eye… what… is… that?  GASP!  It’s my bottle!  It’s the magical something I’ve been looking for but didn’t know what it was!  Yippee!

As I was washing my hair the next morning I pondered my little discovery.  (The bottle really is perfect.)  I couldn’t believe after so many years of searching I found it with little effort on my part.  I wasn’t even looking for it when I found it.  Then my mind started taking a little backwards journey and I began to realize so many things in my life have been like that.  Searching, searching, then BAM it just comes to you one day.

This opportunity in Kenya, is a really specific example of this idea.  Those of you who have known me a long time know I’ve been on the lookout, so to speak, for this opportunity for years.  But I didn’t really know what I was looking for, until it found me and I realized, it’s perfect.  God crafted this particular opportunity in this particular place with these particular responsibilities knowing the journey I would take to get to this point in life.

There’s nothing wrong with not knowing what you’re looking for.  Sure, it makes the looking a little harder, but it also makes the trusting a little richer, and the joy of the discovery a little deeper.


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