Thirty is a milestone.  Three decades.  If you were furniture or a car, you would be considered vintage.  I’m just grateful that for most of that 30 years, you’ve been my big brother.  So, in honor of your birthday, a few of my favorite memories of us…

  • That time I bloodied your nose.
  • That time you buried me in pine straw under the tree in the backyard cause you were afraid I would get cold waiting for Mama and Daddy.
  • Every time you pushed me up into a tree or over a fence since I never learned to do it myself.
  • That time you and Justin reluctantly agreed to let me go with you to the Big Ditch and then I got tangled up in the barbed wire and ended up dangling upside down by my ankle and you had to go get Mama and then you got in trouble cause we were definitely not supposed to go to the Big Ditch.
  • That time we built the fabulous fort in the backyard.
  • That Christmas we bought Mama that rug and you creatively wrapped it.
  • Playing “TL Lowery” and perfecting our helicopter/chicken bop/two-step.
  • That time I convinced you to be my tee so I could practice my hitting.  I only wanted to be as good a baseball player as you were.
  • That time you saw me sneak into the library during lunch and followed me in.  I told you I had a test to study for but really just didn’t have anyone to sit with.  You didn’t call me on my lie, but you probably knew cause you sat with me until you had to go to class.
  • Every time you’ve ever made me laugh til I cry or cry til I laugh.

In case you didn’t know, I love you.  You’ve always been one of my favorite people.  I’m proud to call you my brother.  Happy Birthday.

By the way, I hear 30 is the new 20…


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