A Patchwork Quilt

I’m moving.



Like less than a week soon.

And today I realized… my life is a patchwork quilt.

In the 10 years since I left home, my life has included 15 roommates, 6 churches, 3 states, 4 countries, 1 grad school, 2 jobs and more friends, acquaintances, and random encounters than I ever could have anticipated.

Every single one of those people and experiences left a mark on my life, patches of different sizes, shapes, patterns, and colors.  Some patches are sewn tightly together with the surrounding patches, creating a distinct shape that draws the eye.  Other patches seem disparate and disjointed from the rest but still make their presence known.  There are common threads and themes running throughout, creating calm and stability in the chaotic places.

If you look at my patchwork quilt, two things are clear.  One, it tells a story.  You can see how I got where I am and maybe see a little of where I’m going.  Two, it is incomplete.  There are places that need mending and the edges are unfinished, so more patches can be added.

This is my life… a piece of patchwork carefully designed by the master designer.  Thank you for giving of yourselves to help my patchwork take shape.  For offering pieces of the fabric of your own life to make mine a little bigger.  For stitching up my holes and snipping my frayed ends.

It is a beautifully frustrating thing to be a work in progress.  But as I look over the many pieces that make up my life, I am excited to see what comes next.  Only time will tell how this little patchwork quilt will expand and take shape.

image taken from http://carterquilter.wordpress.com/tag/patchwork/


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