My New Toy!

Do you remember this post?  Well, I got me one!  It was part of a graduation present from my parents.  I have to say… I LOVE IT!!!  It came just as I was walking out the door to go work on a paper.  Talk about terrible timing!  You would’ve been very impressed by the measure of self-discipline I exercised though, had you been here to witness it.  I brought it in the house, opened it, looked at it…. and put it back.  Didn’t even take it all the way out of the box.  Taking it out and playing with it was my reward for finishing the paper (which I did and got 5/5 on, btw!)

I’ve played with it several times in the past week-ish since it came. It really is a fabulous little thing.  And super easy to use, which is key for my non-tech savvy self.

Enough with the words… Pictures!  These are my first few attempts, so they aren’t perfect and the pictures aren’t great.  But really, anything baby-sized is cute, right?!

Froggy onesie and burp cloth… ribbit

Fishy onesie and burp cloth…

Little baby necktie?  Yes, please!

I’ve got a lot more experimenting lined up, but kinda gotta finish school first.  You see, they let us act like we graduated even though we didn’t… yet.  But as soon as I’m done with these last three classes… it’s on!


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