What have I done?!

Ten days…

It’s been ten days since I’ve had any of the following:

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Has the world come to an end yet?!?!

On May 1, I began a vegan challenge.  One month, no animal products (except honey – I don’t consider bugs animals).  So far, it really hasn’t been too bad.  I might actually go so far as to say it’s been pretty good.

People keep asking me why I decided to do this.  What in the world would make a person take on a challenge like this, especially if it’s not intended to be a long-term switch to veganism?

Honestly, I don’t really have an answer.  I like a challenge.  This seemed like a good one.  But seriously, don’t I have enough challenges as I wrap up my masters program?

Maybe part of me is bored.  Maybe I just need something new.  Maybe I lost my mind.

Whatever the case, I’m one third of the way into this challenge.  If you’re interested, you can follow the rest of the challenge over here!


2 thoughts on “What have I done?!

  1. hey girl 🙂 i’m actually reading a book about a raw food detox diet and pretty certain i’m going to try it… let me know how your experience is with the vegan thing. quite curious!

    1. I did a raw food diet for about a week while I was still in Chicago. I had just completed a 2 or 3 week juice fast and thought it would be easy to transition into raw food. I learned real quick that I like cooked food! But, if it’s just a short term detox type thing, you might have better luck with it than I did. I just know I couldn’t sustain a raw food lifestyle for very long. Vegan, however, is definitely growing on me 🙂 And if you want a great detox… juice fasting is really great!

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