My Daddy

Saturday night I called and chatted with my Daddy for a bit.  And yes, I still call him “Daddy”… I’m from the South, so deal with it!  My Mama is on what I assume to be her first ever solo vacation, a ladies’ cruise with the church.  So, I called my Daddy on my way home from the store under the pretense of checking up on him since Mama’s gone, but really I just realized it had been a while since I talked to him.  I missed my Daddy.

As I was talking to him, I was reminded of how much I love my family and how truly blessed I am.  This quarter has been difficult and frustrating for me.  I think the underlying stress of graduating is getting to me.  And my Daddy, well, he talked me down like only he can.  He’s been there before, so he knows the pressures of seminary, but more than that, he knows me in a way no one else does.  For one thing, we’re hand twins.  Joey and the guy from the casino got nothing on me and my Daddy, except well, mine are slightly smaller and I keep my nails a little longer.  But he’s given me so much more than that… my Mama has said before that I got my smarts from him and he did manage to get me to seminary.  He understands my heart for people and mission and ministry, and not just the straight forward kinds of ministry.  He’ll debate with me even when I have no idea what I’m talking about, but think I do.  His first question when I’m facing a big decision is always “Have you fasted and prayed about it?”  So I’ve learned to fast and pray, just like I’ve known him and my Mama to do all my life.  He’s always believed in me, always pushed me but still held on tight.  You know that Tim McGraw song My Little Girl?  The chorus say “Chase your dreams but always know the road that’ll lead you home again.”  That’s my Daddy.  He lets me go wherever the Lord and the wind might lead, but he always makes sure I know how to get back home.  That song makes me cry every blasted time it comes on, by the way.  We almost lost him when I was a little girl.  I tried once to imagine what my life would’ve been like if my Daddy had died when I was just seven.  I ended up crying on the sidewalk… a life without him is unimaginable.

Love you, Daddy


4 thoughts on “My Daddy

  1. I knew you were not calling and checking on me. You had that tone in your voice. I know when you need a daddy fix! Thank you for such kind words. I love you! On by the way, are those the best pix you have of me or was there some underlying message in the selection?

    1. I know you knew better… I’ve never been able to fool you 🙂 As for the pictures, I like these particular ones. There was no underlying message, they are just the most recent ones I have. My favorite picture of you and me I don’t have on this computer. I had to work with what I had.

  2. I love these pictures! And once again, Becky, you’ve made me cry with your writing!

    Love you both…always will.


  3. I just read the one on mom and my eyes welled with tears and just read this one and had the same thing happen. What an awesome familia.

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