Grad School Lessons: Part 1

As I come to the end of my first graduate degree, I’ve been doing a lot of reflection.  I decided to write a few of these down as a reminder to myself of what I’ve learned beyond the text books and lectures over the past couple years.  Then the “few” things became more than just a few, so today I’m starting a series of Grad School Lessons.  Perhaps I’ll even have some guest posts… ooooh!  exciting!

Lessons from Grad School:

  1. If the professor is going to post his/her lecture slides, he/she will let you know.  Don’t be the moron who asks.  Sure it’s helpful when they make their lecture notes available, but seriously, you’re in grad school… you should know how to take proper lecture notes by now.  If you don’t, please reconsider whether or not you belong in a graduate level classroom.
  2. Do your best.  Your best will occasionally be wrong or not good enough, but that’s part of the process.  Focus on doing the best you can based on your understanding and abilities rather than stressing over whether or not you are right.
  3. Sabbath rest is vital.  If you refuse to rest, you set yourself up to collapse, which will negate all of your persistence and rest refusal.  So insist on rest, both mental and physical, even when you’re behind.
  4. Not everything is difficult, so don’t make the easy things any harder than they have to be.  See point #2 above.
  5. A pan of cinnamon rolls for a professor can be a really nice gesture.

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