Are we there yet?

You know those things you want but can’t have, at least not yet… those are the things that have been occupying my mind lately, distracting me from the here and now.  I think the things you can’t have yet are almost more difficult to separate yourself from than the things you just cannot have at all, now or future.  (If you need an example of what I’m talking about, soon I will be moving back to TN, so I think about it a lot.  Conversely, as a child I wanted to be an Olympic synchronized swimmer.  That’s not ever gonna happen, and consequently doesn’t often come up in my mental musings.)  Lately, I find myself staring out windows pondering the things that are to come… the things just around the corner, just outside of my grasp, as well as the things that I need binoculars to see.

Some days I feel like a little girl sitting in the back of a heavenly station wagon, repeatedly asking my heavenly father “Are we there yet?”  But I have to stop, almost daily here lately, to remind myself to enjoy the journey.  Right now, right here is where God has placed me.  Today is the adventure I need to focus on.  Not completely abandoning the future, but trusting God to be with me when I get there.


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