Pandora’s Mayhem

Pandora… who doesn’t love it?  I’m talking about the online radio thing, not the woman from Greek mythology who opened the jar to let loose evil and mayhem while saving hope.

found this picture here

Sometimes, however, Pandora does make me a little sad.  Like today when Beethoven’s Piano Sonata No. 14 came on.  Once upon a time I could play that.  I certainly wasn’t the best pianist to ever hammer it out, but I wasn’t too shabby.  If you ask my mom, you might get the impression I was some kind of virtuoso… she’s entitled to be a little biased.  Some days I really, really miss playing piano.  Making music is so very satisfactory.  I think it’s something about the innate creative capacity we inherited from our Creator.

The thing is, though… when I started to think about playing the piano and how much I miss that currently dormant part of me, my mind began to wander to all the things that I miss or feel like I’m missing out on in some way.  I miss my family.  I miss my friends.  I miss parts of my past and sometimes I feel like my present is missing parts of my future.  (Did that last statement make any sense at all outside of my head?)  Is it possible to be content with little swirls of discontent… cause that’s where I feel like I am.  And maybe this is all just because of the transitions that I see creeping up closer and closer.  Change makes us (me, at least) nostalgic and somewhat melancholy… sigh

So I guess in some roundabout way, Pandora the radio is like Pandora of Greek mythology… but while the original Pandora unleashed mayhem on the whole world, modern Pandora only unleashes mayhem on me.

Or something like that… it’s possible my brain is fried due to finals.


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