HaHa! Just Kidding!

About a month ago I said I was back!  Gonna start blogging again!

Yeah… uhm.. well… about that…  I guess paper writing has sucked all the meaningful words right out of me.  So far this quarter I have written 12 papers, 42 pages, 12,134 words.  And right now I’m elbow deep in 2 papers due tomorrow… a 5 page theological biography on Pandita Ramabai and an interpretive assignment on 1 Timothy 2:9-15.  So, that’s where all my blogging words have gone… they’ve been taken hostage by book reviews and New Testament scripture interpretation and comparisons of various cultural interpretations of the imago Dei.

I guess if you really want something to read (or a surefire sleep aid!) I can post some of my assignments 🙂

I’ll try to get something out soon… maybe… maybe not.  But I love you anyway!


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