If ignorance is bliss, negligence is… okay, I’ve got nowhere to go with that, sorry.  Anyway, I’ve been terribly negligent over the last 2 months.  No good excuse really… just the usual – studying, papers, travels, better things to do, forgetfulness…

You know, sometimes this blog serves as a great outlet for my internally processing self; other times it feels like a burden, an obligation.  I guess those are the times I disappear, when I feel I can’t reasonably handle one more task.

Thank you to the few of you who stick around and come back every time I decide I can manage a few more blogs 🙂  You’re the greatest!

Let’s see how long the blogging spirit sticks around this time!


4 thoughts on “Negligence

  1. You KNOW I will always read your posts! I love reading them. You bring out every emotion I have at some point. Love you…love your writings!

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