The Commune

Or the Homestead, whichever you prefer.  Whatever you call it, it’s my new home. 

Before I left for India, I decided not to renew the lease at the apartment I moved into when I first came to CA.  When I returned from India, I realized I would be homeless when I got back to CA.  Enter the Rougglys (Rougglies?) with their newly bought home…

with the HUGE backyard…

which happens to have a grape arbor and fruit trees!  Wowzers! 

So in I moved with Karen, Seth, and Turbo…

Poor little Turbo is a slightly confused kitty.  At first, Turbo was a he, then the vet said he was a she.  Karen and Turbo have both felt the effects of the gender confusion…

  Poor Turbo is especially confused; she thinks I’m a cat person! 

When I moved in I brought along Chang the Chinese Cream Cow.

And so our little commune began!  So far, so good… we’ve joined a local community-supported agriculture co-op (abundant harvest organics), we knit and sew together, and starting next Monday Karen and I will be starting back to school together! 

Yay for the Commune!!!


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