Chang the Chinese Cream Cow

I’d like to introduce you to the newest member of our little commune…

Oh, I haven’t told you about our little commune?  Hmm… I’ll have to get around to that soon.  Anyway, on to the introductions!

This is Chang the Chinese Cream Cow.

Chang… my readers. 

Readers… Chang

Chang was made in China and shipped to a shop in Florida where I adopted him.  Chang really enjoys life in the commune.  He has a lovely counter to live on and there’s always lots of cream.  His favorite activity is pouring cream into coffee and he gets to do that a lot!  So, he’s one happy cream cow!

If you want to follow Chang’s adventures with Karen, Seth, & me, check out his blog at


2 thoughts on “Chang the Chinese Cream Cow

  1. I’m so glad you finally found something of substance to blog about!!! LOL And I’m so glad I got to meet Chang…he’s a dear. Well, he’s a cow, but he’s a dear cow. Ummm he’s a precious cow. Anyway, I’m so glad I got to meet him. And he has his own blog? That’s wonderful!

    I love reading your blogs. It makes my day…makes me feel a little closer to you. Wish I had your talent for putting ink to paper. Now I’ll have two blogs to keep me entertained, informed, touched and enlightened.

    Take good care of Chang and he’ll return the favor I’m sure. Gotta go…I’ve gotta get a good hot cup of joe and move on to Chang’s blog.

    Love you…

  2. Does Chang have a friend that provides steaks! Oh, I might have eaten a ribeye from his friend at lunch! Well, at least Chang is safe . . . for now!

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