My Heart Can’t Tell You No

Bonus points for anyone who can tell me where this title comes from (Mama, you don’t count… of course, you don’t need any bonus points!)

Anyway, on to the real point of this blog…

Why is it that Indian children capture my heart so?  Okay, so maybe all children capture my heart, but there is just something about their little brown faces that just makes me fall in love!  Monday we visited a small Hindu village about an hour outside Kolkata.  It was an amazing experience; everyone should do this at some point in life.  After driving through several bazaars and villages, the driver pulled off on the side of the road and Beth announced “We’re here!” 

Hmmm… we’re where?  All that was visible was trees and a river.  But almost as soon as we stopped, several women walked up to the car and led us through the trees to their village. 

Please look at these beautiful faces…



4 thoughts on “My Heart Can’t Tell You No

  1. Love, love, LOVE the pictures! I laughed. I cried. I’ve looked at the Picasa album several times already. The children are ALL so beautiful. such big, beautiful expressive eyes. And the women…they are beautiful. What a blessing you have been given to be able to meet these people. And they have been blessed in meeting you!

    I was struck by the extreme diversity of your pictures. In the middle of so much ugly and dirty, there was still so much beauty to be found. You found it! (And you added to the beauty!)

    I’m so proud of you and so glad you got to go. I’m hugging you in my heart and loving each of these babies (and their mamas) in my heart. Oh, and I’m sure…they’ve definitely got a thing for you, too! :o)

    Thanks for the pictures! They’re great. See you soon. Love you!


    PS: Now, I’ve got a song on my mind that just won’t go away! RS should be proud.

  2. Since I was not exempted from the bonus points, how about, this heart of mine by Rod Stewart? Any way, who is the pale faced one in all those pictures? What a contrast! Kinda reminds me of the difference in our lives once we accept Jesus and His grace. Your living your calling in word, deed and example. Becky, your obedience should put most all of us to shame for selecting the comfort od Zion instead of the discomfort of the desert! love you –daddy

    1. Daddy, you get half a bonus point… Rod Stewart – yes; This Old Heart of Mine – No. The song title is actually My Heart Can’t Tell You Know 🙂

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