Sharing is Caring

Devotion Wednesday night in class… I don’t remember everything the guest lecturer said or even what the point of the devo was, but I do remember the question she posed… “Is there anything you haven’t shared with Jesus?”

Somehow I took that as a personal challenge.  The last couple of days I find myself asking Jesus to join me, to share in the mundane moments of life.  To share my happiness.  To share my stress.  To share my quiet and my noisy. 

I am constantly reminding my little charges (I nanny 2 kids together now, btw) that you have to share.  You can’t just snatch and take things from each other.  Unfortunately, I think I have often been guilty of snatching parts of my life away and running off to enjoy them by myself instead of inviting Jesus to share them with me.  Not maliciously, not even sinfully.  More of a take his prescence for granted way. 

I have always known that Jesus is with us, never leave us, insert whatever Christian jargon you please.  But, I’ve never considered it in this light.  Jesus, will you share this moment with me?  Especially at a constant, daily level.  Sure in the big things we ask him to come and take control.  We have learned to surrender our lives to him.  But to share… that’s different.  Sharing implies mutuality of experience.  

This was a much needed and very timely reminder.  I’m pretty sure these next couple months have some difficulties and trials in store.  I wish I could share all of these moments with my family and friends, but I am so grateful that Jesus is going with me and I can share every moment with him.

Jesus, let’s share.

This picture has nothing to do with anything… I just thought I would share it with you because it was so stinkin yummy!


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