I recently read some blogs from people I went to high school and/or college with. It seems everyone is married and having babies or married and reveling in their honeymoon bliss. They’re buying houses, moving up in their careers, or quitting their careers to care for those previously mentioned babies.

Hmm… here I sit, thousands of miles away from (most of) my loved ones. I left a good job with full benefits and regular raises and promotions to go to school and be a nanny. I live in a rented apartment that I share with a roommate, not a husband. And don’t even get me started on kids.

But you know, I wouldn’t trade my life for any of theirs. I don’t think I would be happy. Not because I don’t want to be married; if the right guy comes along, I’ll definitely take that path. Not because being a mother isn’t amazing; I’m certain it is. But in the options God has presented, in the choices I have had to make, this is what following his will means to me. It means being single to pursue his call. It means forgoing my most fertile years in the hopes of helping more children than I could ever birth. It means living a life of temporary poverty in a matchbox apartment studying my life away. And if at some point God’s will leads me to make choices that result in marriage and children and a mortgage, I’m sure I won’t be willing to trade that life for anything else, either… as long as my choices always reflect his will.


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