Maybe Not…

About a week ago I wrote that I was going to try to blog more regularly… well maybe not.  I just haven’t been in a writing mode.  Or maybe, more accurately, all my writing energies have been used up on papers and impending mid-terms.  (Really?!  Mid-terms in January!)

Part of the problem is that there is so much to share… so much to process… so much that the people closest to me are too far away to receive first hand.  I want to blog it all, but where do I start?  What’s that thing about eating an elephant… one bite at a time?  Ugh, maybe I should blog one bite at a time.

And it doesn’t help that so many of my friends have upped their blogging time (I’m talking to you Lindsey!) making me feel like a blogging slacker.  Oh well, blog… no blog… either way, we’ll all survive.


One thought on “Maybe Not…

  1. love you becks! you are hilairous! don’t worry, i think my post for today will simply say CONSTRUCTION ZONE, NO COMMENTS. 🙂

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