MC500 11/11

Wednesday was the Missiology lecture by Bishop Graham Cray to discuss Mission Shaped Church and Fresh Expressions.  The thing that most stuck out to me as he discussed this new movement, was that the church needs both the historical expression of the church and these new expressions.  They should work together, not be in competition. 

I thought of the difference between my brother and me.  He is at a fairly traditional church that is doing new and exciting things, but they are not and probably will never be what is considered a “fresh expression” church.  But, most importantly, they are meeting the needs of their community. 

On the other hand, I feel called to work with trafficked and exploited women and children, people who don’t necesarily fit in the traditional setting.  When I was at Rahab Foundation they told us that one of the hardest things for their women as they go through the recovery process is finding a church; traditional churches just don’t work for them.  But, traditional churches can provide the training and support for people to start an expression of church that does work for these women. 

So, definitely, today’s world needs both perspectives.


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