The Unthinkable

Our family has had more than our share of breast cancer.  However, everyone who has been diagnosed has been an adult, some young, but definitely all adults.  Today I came across the story of  Hannah Powell-Auslam, a 10 year old girl with breast cancer.  She hasn’t even started menstruating but has already had a mastectomy.  I can’t imagine it.  I know there are plenty of childhood cancers and more children are affected by the dreaded disease each year than any of us would care to know, but such an adult form of the disease… I just can’t comprehend.  Granted, this is a very rare case and they are afraid of sparking some paranoid frenzy of mothers wanting their daughters to have mammograms and biopsies… not necessary.  But it is a reminder to all of us, even if we haven’t hit the official age of mammograms, to be diligent in our health care.  Not to skimp or pass on our regular check-ups. 

I’ll be praying for this girl and her family… and checking my boobies.  I hope you do the same, on both counts!


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