Shine On

I had a strange encounter the other day as I was leaving the gym.  I had on an old Sigma t-shirt.  It’s the one with the heart and a saying on the back… you know, that one, cause we only had one with a heart on it… end sarcasm.  Anyway, I’m leaving the gym walking  to my car a couple blocks away.  I hear someone come up behind me and slow their pace until they’re walking right in time with me.  Weird.  There’s no one else on the sidewalk near us, so this person definitely could have gone around me if they thought I was going too slow, but they just stayed right with me.  After a few seconds I started feeling uncomfortable.  Just as I turned to look at whoever is following me, this lady pops up next to me…

“Where is your shirt from?”

“Ummm, my college sorority.”

“It’s really nice.  I really like it.  I’ve been following, you reading it.”

“Oh, well thanks!”

“It really is very nice.  I’d love to have one…”

“Well, they were from my sorority.  I don’t think you can just buy them.”

“Oh, well, it’s really nice and I really like it.”

She kind of lingered there, walking with me, and finally wandered off.  It was all very odd.  I thought for a second, by the look in her eye, that she might try to take it from me.  I guess all I have to say is…










Can’t beat those sweaty, old Sigma shirts ♥


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