This Too Shall Pass…

IM000419 + burrito = toilet + emergency_room


So it’s only Wednesday, but it has been a rough week!  I knew this week was going to be full… papers, presentations, etc., but Monday morning came and I was ready to go.  After class I grabbed dinner with a friend at a joint that shall remain nameless and within the hour I was violently ill.  I ended up darting out of the library and bolting to my car, afraid I would puke every other step.  It was a bad night.  I passed out on the bathroom floor so my roommate made me go to the ER.  I still don’t understand why  😉

Yesterday I was good for absolutely nothing except sleeping and sipping gatorade.  It took me a full hour to eat a piece of bread!  Yikes!  I had a group presentation for my class last night and was determined to go.  My group-mates took one look at me and insisted I go back home.  (It was probably because I hadn’t had the energy to shower and still smelled of vomit… kidding… sort of.)  Fortunately, my dear professor called me on my way home and postponed the presentation.  She seemed a little upset that I even tried to come.  And it was a good thing I left.  The class is from 6:30 – 9:20 and by 6:30 I was already nodding off on the couch.  I was completely out by 7. 

So here I sit after 12 hours of sleep, and I have come to a realization.  This too shall pass.  All of it… the vomit, the weakness, the presentations and papers.  This week marks the halfway point of the quarter.  I can’t believe it!  It has gone by so fast.  And it will continue to go by just as fast.  Each quarter, each year, not just of school, but of life, will move by faster than we can imagine.  Maybe this was just what I needed to slow down a little, take some rest, reflect.  But my goodness, couldn’t rest have come a different way!


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