Creation vs Evolution


A statment I can agree with…

Let’s start at the very beginning – in the book of Genesis, God created humans. The Orthodox Church has never taught that this story is scientifically true, only theologically true. Even if the scientific  hypotheses are correct and we did evolve into existence, that evolution was part of God’s plan of creation. The theological truth is that God put us here.

 John Klentos, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Orthodox Christian Studies at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, California





One thought on “Creation vs Evolution

  1. I know what you are saying. I have said the same thing. But be careful! Otherwise, evolution will degrade your faith in creation story. You still have to make a choice between creation and evolution. It is not just a matter of “we are here and it doesn’t matter how.” How we got here is important because we are told how. There is a narrative. Evolution is not the only theory. There are several theological theories that get played as well. The fact remains, until God reveals more information we only have the creation narrative to rely upon as truth. –Daddy

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