MC500 10/19

Wednesday our groups met to go through the church worksheet for the early church.  I think the thing I most liked about the early church is that it was so strongly household based.  Church wasn’t about “going”, it was literally a part of life.  I wish our church culture was more like that.  We miss out on so much by embracing such an individualistic culture and carrying that individualism into our church practices.


2 thoughts on “MC500 10/19

  1. The church has been her own worse enemy in this regard. The church set a course in the midle of the 20th century down the path of individualism that has expanded over the years. The days of the dynamic evengelist, especially the healing ones, were hyped as the ‘one’ to preach, pray and heal. The ‘undesignated ones’ just sat on the pew and watched. This spilled over into the regular church services. The lay persons in the church just sat back and watched the change occur without protesting or saying anything.

    The church was never intended to be and ‘I’ intensive organism. Rather, the church was to be a cooperative with everyone participating in various ways. There might be a designated leader but not a one man show and that leader might change from time to time. Participation is the key word to church (participation does not mean sitting, soaking and souring, either!).

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