MC500 10/13

We returned to our groups to discuss Jesus, Kingdom, and Church.  As we reviewed the aspects of how church looked for Jesus and what aspects we would incorporate if we could create a perfect church, someone made the comment, “it can’t get much better than Jesus.”  So true.  There is nothing Jesus did that we shouldn’t incorporate or emulate in our modern churches. 


2 thoughts on “MC500 10/13

  1. That is very true, it does not get any better than Jesus! However, no one will ever be able to construct a ‘perfect’ church because we are dealing with humanity and humans are flawed. You cannot have perfection when working with flawed material. There will only be one perfect church and that is the final reality of heaven. When humanity is changed from corruption to incorruption and mortality is changed to immortality.

    The best we can hope for in this life is constant forgivenness from our flawed judgement, flawed attitudes, flawed decisions, flawed interpretations and flawed thinking. However, that is the nature of grace and mercy which allows humans to approach God the Father through Jesus the Son by the Holy Spirit. Amen, amen and amen (with accompanying fist pump)!

    1. You’re absolutely right… we will never have a perfect church on this earth. Two quotes came to mind as I read your comment… “The church is a whore, but she is my mother” and “The church may have been perfect, but that all changed when humans got involved”. I don’t remember who said either of those, but I read them somewhere (I don’t think that second one is quite right) and they really encapsulate the fallenness of humanity and the effect we have on church… we are the church, therefore the church, too, is fallen.

      Thanks for commenting on my class posts… you give me things to think about!

      Love you

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