So, I think I need to clarify some things from my last post…

I am not questioning the significance or neccessity of Jesus’ resurrection.  Nor am I questioning the validity – was he actually raised from the dead.

The fact of the resurrection is the critical point of our faith.  Without the resurrection, we are all hopeless fools.  And I am wasting an awful lot of time and money here at Fuller. 

But what if?  What if someone came along today who said he/she could definitively prove the resurrection did not occur.  Would it change our belief?  Would we simply abandon the faith because it was “proved” to be a lie?  Historians and archaelogoists are important and we can glean plenty of useful information from them that can deepen our understanding of Jesus and the world when he walked in it.  But do we need proof?  No.  We go to the word of God for our truth. 

If we require proof for our faith, is it really faith at all?


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