MC500 10/07

Jesus was counter-cultural.  From his leadership style, to his idea of community, to his style of teaching, everything about his ministry ran opposite to the culture of his day.  Today Prof. Bolger mentioned that in his leadership, Jesus was especially counter-cultural when it came to his attitude toward women.  One of the big reasons the early church grew so rapidly was because of the sense of equality given to women, something they didn’t have in the rest of society.  This is an area where the modern church has really strayed from its roots.  It seems lately I’ve had several conversations with or about women who feel marginalized by the church.  Jesus was constantly reaching out to the vulnerable and marginalized, especially women and children, when did the church stop?


2 thoughts on “MC500 10/07

  1. In hindsight, history has revealed the Jesus life and ministry may have well been counter-cultural. However, when Jesus walked on this earth, He did not come to be counter-cultural or intend to be counter-cultural. He came to bring a better way by fulfilling the Law and Prophets. Counter-culture means “a culture with lifestyles and values opposed to those of the established culture.” This carries a connotation of rebellion. Jesus did not come in rebellion to the norms of the day within the church. He came as a fulfillment or embodiment of the Law and Prophets. This fulfillment was a result of the abuses within the church of the day. An example is the cleansing of the temple. The leaders allowed the temple to become a store. Much worse was that the Elders allowed corruption to take root in the church so that worshippers were hustled for sacrifices.

    It was only after the church rejected Him did He turn to the people that would listen and accept Him. Remember, if Jesus wanted to lead a rebellion, He could have turned the known church world upside down. It was not counter-culture in the first century but it has become counter-culture through history! In my humble opinion.

    1. Jesus may not have come with the intention of being counter-cultural, as you said, that carries a hint of rebellion. But, in fulfilling the law and prophets, his actions, words, attitudes ran counter to the accepted norm of his day. Likewise, we shouldn’t strive to run against our culture just for the sake of it, but we shouldn’t shy away from those things that do run against cultural norms.

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