Lessons from a Two Year Old

So I keep a 2 year old 4 mornings a week.  She’s got a pretty full schedule, which means we’re on the run a lot, going from one activity to the next.  Now, seeing as she is 2, she doesn’t always take these transitions well.  Yesterday for instance, she started crying when I told her it was time to go to the library for storytime.  The interesting thing is we were reading books at the time.  You wouldn’t think it would be a big deal to stop reading a book to go get more … 

So it began with… time to put the books away and go to the library for storytime… No… Yes, it’s time to go.  Do you want me to help you?… No!… We are going, so you need to put your books and toys away… No!  No!  No! (flop face down on the floor and start crying)… sigh

I try to make these transitions easy for her, you know, prepare her for the next thing… you can dance until this song is over, then it’s time to get ready for gymnastics… when we finish this book it will be time to get dressed for dance… but it doesn’t always work.  There are still times when she melts into a puddle of tears at the mention of change.

So I scooped her up off the floor and held her close until she calmed down.  I saw a reflection of myself in the tears I wiped away.  How often does God speak to us and try to prepare us for the next thing he has for us, but we don’t listen.  We’re too busy dancing to hear the song winding down.  Too intent on cooking our plastic food to see a table set with a warm meal.  Too wrapped up in the same old book to read a new one.  But the time for change comes anyway.  And just as I have to stand her up and move her along, saying “yes” to the barrage of “no” and tears, God has to send us on our way, despite our cries of outrage and confusion.  There are times when he lets us have our way, but we soon realize plastic food isn’t very filling and dancing without music isn’t quite the same.

 Just as C doesn’t see the big picture, neither do I.  God sees beyond the right now into many tomorrows and has better plans than plastic food and worn out books.  If only I could grow up and stop acting like a 2 year old…

By the way, she did put her books away and had a fabulous time at the library… and we left without incident.  Maybe there’s hope for me too 🙂


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