MC500 9/28

Every church should look like its zip code. 

This statement was what I walked away with today.  As I thought about what this means to me and my ministry, I was reminded of a cliche my youth pastor used ad nauseum… be Jesus with skin on.  If we are fulfilling the call to go into all the world, if the church is being salt and light, if we are truly in the world but not of it (I think sometimes we forget the IN part of that verse), then we should be in harmony with our surroundings.  Jesus stood out, but for the good he did, not because he was some cultural oddball. 


One thought on “MC500 9/28

  1. Just took a couple minutes to get caught up on your current life. Wow – California. Still blows my mind you’re so far away and in a WARM climate. We had to pull out jackets Monday for a windy, cloudy, gloomy FALL day. I wasn’t prepared – but October is this week and I guess it’s time to stop wishing for short days with no jackets. Need to rummage my bins for kids warmer clothes that fit – not my favorite task.. anyhoo ‘nough about me – glad to hear that life is moving along.

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