Welcome to LA!

Last night I enjoyed my first LA perk… a group of us went to a free movie screening!  This was the first public viewing of the film.  Apparently I signed a contract saying I wouldn’t discuss the movie with anyone who wasn’t at the screening, including and especially on electronic media (which would include this blog), although I don’t remember reading that.  I guess that’s what you get for “skimming”.  So, I can’t tell you anything about the movie.  It was good, still needs a little work, but I will definitely recommend it when it comes out.  They also chose our group to be part of the focus groups.  That was pretty exciting; we got to tell them what we thought about the movie, liked, didn’t like, would change, etc.  And they gave us free movie passes for being part of the focus groups… 2 free movies just for standing in line for an hour! 

I can’t tell you anything, but here’s a couple hints about who might be in the movie…

            + L




One thought on “Welcome to LA!

  1. Such great clues…Cannot wait to “hear” more details about Colon Farrell & Ed Harris’s upcoming block buster…Love your blog!

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