Welcome Week Update

So far, welcome week has been… overwhelming… tiring… informative… encouraging… funny… add that all together and I guess I’d have to say, it’s been pretty great.  I’ve met a lot of people… one person from TN, two from Alabama (Birmingham and Huntsville), and one from GA (Cummings).  Several from Chicago, even 2 who went to North Park (for the non-Chicagoans, that’s a school just around the corner from my last apartment).  And, there are apparently quite a few people from Lee.  Most of them were there after I was, but there is one guy in my program who was there at the same time.  Aside from him, all the others I’ve only heard about, but haven’t actually seen in person.  I kind of felt like I would be a little bit of a sore thumb, having a biology background, but yesterday found 2 other girls in my program with science/medical backgrounds.  It’s interesting that we all started with a goal of med school but found our way to seminary instead.

I’ve met some really incredible professors and had some great conversations.  Before I came, I had only really looked into the Children at Risk program, but after hearing the professors talk about their different areas of interest, it made me really excited about all the different concentrations they offer.  My new favorite word is “Ethnomusicology”  the study of music and culture, or music through culture, maybe culture through music… I may not be totally clear on the definition but I am clear on how exciting it is!  Meet Dr. Roberta King here… http://www.fuller.edu/academics/faculty/roberta-king.aspx  She has a contagious spirit that makes you really excited about whatever she’s talking about.  She spent 30+ years in Kenya teaching at a university and traveling throughout Africa.  She almost had me convinced that global christian worship was the way to go instead of children at risk… I caught myself just in time!  Although, I do plan to take some of her classes, like Storytelling, Proverbs and Songs… a class about communicating the gospel through, well storytelling, proverbs, and songs.  She told me yesterday that she has been trying to get some of the children at risk students interested for a while, but no one has really jumped at it… well, I just may be her girl!  There is also Dr. Jehu Hanciles… http://www.fuller.edu/academics/faculty/jehu-hanciles.aspx, a really funny professor of history and globalization.  During one of the faculty/student lunches this week, he sat at our table and was never without a quick comeback or sly comment.  Although, he definitely has a reputation for being… well, he even commented that an A from him was the holy grail of Fuller.  Fortunately, I won’t need many of his classes.  All of the faculty have been just extraordinary (bit of Becky-trivia, I can’t type or say the word “extraordinary” without thinking of my 7th grade reading teacher, Mrs. Betsy Vines).  They are all so personable and friendly and really seem to care about the students.  I don’t know how many times in the last two days I’ve heard variations of  “please come by my office,” “my office is right over there, you’re always welcome,”  “come by my office soon, I’d love to talk more with you”… and they seem sincere.  It’s not the “my office hours are… you are welcome to come if you have a question” type drone that you sometimes hear out of obligation.  One even went so far as to say, “You (students) are the consumer, we (professors) are the service you are purchasing, you deserve complete satisfaction, so pester us!” 

It’s too bad I haven’t taken any pictures of campus… my blog has become much too wordy lately.  I like reading blogs with pictures, so probably y’all do too.  I’ll try to remember to take my camera with me when I go to campus today and get some pictures to post.

All in all, this is good.  Fuller is an exciting place to be.


2 thoughts on “Welcome Week Update

  1. I’ve been keeping tabs on you because I’ve been worried, but it sounds like you’re doing well, now! Just so you know, Dr. Hanciles is ridiculous….I mean that. He was almost the end of me winter quarter.

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