And So It Begins…

It seems life in California is finally starting to take shape. 

Today I started my job… just call me Fran.  I am working as a nanny for an adorable 2 year old girl, Clara.  Her mother told me today they were surprised at how quickly she warmed up to me as she is generally very shy with new people, to the point they have had people ask if she knows how to talk yet.  When I first met them, she walked right up to me and started showing me her Dora books and we played together on the floor while her mother changed the baby; I never would’ve guessed she tends to be shy.  So, that’s why they picked me, or really I guess Clara picked me.  And then today she kept singing “my Becky, my Becky” over and over… awww, how sweet!  Her mother kept telling me how shocked she was because she normally doesn’t act like that with new people.  I really think I’m going to like working with the family.  They have a live-in nanny who is from Korea and a 4 month old baby girl, who is just as pleasant as her big sister.  Both of the parents are lawyers.  She went to University of Chicago for her undergrad, so we have some common ground there.  They keep Clara pretty busy.  I will be with her mornings Monday – Thursday and our schedule goes like this…

  • Monday, gymnastics (a mommy & me class, which oddly enough had no mommies in attendance today)
  • Tuesday, ballet (kids only, she told me to bring a book… woohoo for study time while on the clock!)
  • Wednesday, free day for museums or parks
  • Thursday, storytime at the library and check out our week’s supply of books, approximately 10/week

Today we went to gymnastics and I got to participate.  Um… some of you probably would’ve paid to see it.  I didn’t have to do anything too gymnastic-y, but enough to be glad I didn’t know anyone there.  Clara and I will definitely be busy.  She is also supposed to be learning Korean from the Korean nanny, maybe I can pick up a little, too.

Tomorrow starts “Welcome Week” at Fuller.  I’m definitely ready to get started, but maybe a little nervous, too.  There was a welcome party Saturday night and I must say it was less than fabulous.  The party itself was fine, as far as food, atmosphere, music.  It was the people that were… uhh, umm, huh.  Maybe everyone felt just as out of place as I did, resulting in a really strange vibe.  Anyway, I’m hoping this week’s events will be much better than my experience at the party.  I’m actually really excited about this week; I always loved orientation at Lee.  There are plenty of things scheduled, so at least I won’t be sitting around the apartment 🙂  Classes start Monday… oooh, that’s scary!

Church update… I went to 3 this past weekend.  Yes, I am quite holy and righteous!  At least I was by Sunday evening.  I gotta say, 3 churches in one day makes for a pretty exhausting day of rest.  They were all good in their own ways and all totally different.  The first one I visited last week, so this was visit 2.  I really enjoyed the people, but it’s not exactly what I’m looking for.  I told my mama that if I couldn’t find just the right church, I might go back here because I really like the people.  They are people I could see myself developing community with.  They have a strong sense of family.  The second church was more along the lines of what I’m used to as far as prayer and worship.  These people know how to get their praise on!  At one point, I looked over and the miniblinds on the windows were literally shaking!  (It was a very small building with a multi-ethnic band.)  Quote of the day, pastor #2, “Get your groove on for God!”  And they did.  They have a special evangelist in for the month of September.  He spoke very briefly, but right to my heart.  It was a timely word.  I’ll probably visit here again, but don’t know if I’ll end up here because of some belief differences… like I wear makeup, pants, and jewelry 🙂  I was invited to church #3 by a classmate from my summer class.  They seem to have a strong social justice agenda, but their style of worship and Word-giving was more laid back than I really care for.  You know, I like to stand and raise my hands without being an oddball… ok, maybe I’m an oddball either way!  But, I just enjoy worship that is a little more interactive, not necessarily running the aisles, but the freedom to do so if I choose.  I did really enjoy their method of communion.  I think I could go here and really enjoy it, but I wonder if I would start to fade a little. 

Anyway, life is finally starting to take on some shape out here.  I’ll be so glad to figure out my new normal.


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