It’s been awhile…

So, I’ve had a couple people ask me to update.  I’ve thought about blogging a lot lately and several times have sat down to write, but I just haven’t had anything to say.  I mean, there’s been PLENTY to say, I just haven’t really had the words.  I think I’m a little overwhelmed by all the changes going on and haven’t been terribly expressive.  So, here’s the rundown…

We finally got to California last Sunday, moved my stuff into the apartment Tuesday morning, and Mama and Daddy left on Wednesday.  I’m in my apartment, but not unpacked.  That is seriously stressful!  My roommate, Ashley (not Geyer), left this past Saturday to go to Birmingham and Chattanooga, which means I’ll be here by myself for a couple weeks.  That’s okay though, because it will give me time to get settled and then next week starts welcome week at Fuller, which everyone tells me is really great.

I’m looking for a job and a church… let’s start with job.  I had an interview lined up for the day Mama and Daddy left, but when I got there they told me they had already filled the position.  The lady went ahead and took my information because she thought there was an opening at another location, which is actually closer to my apartment, but I haven’t heard anything back yet.  It’s been less than a week, so I could still hear from them, I guess.  I have two interviews this week, Tuesday and Wednesday, both are part time nannying positions.  The one tomorrow is for a 2 year old girl; the one Wednesday is for 8 year old twins.  I also applied for a job with a non-profit educational organization, Star Inc.  They are hiring people to teach hands-on science classes, K-8, before/during/after school.  And they pay $30-$45/teaching hour.  I’m praying for the right job to open up, but I sure wish it would open soon!

Church… well, I definitely miss Chicago Tabernacle, but I think I’m finally accepting moving on.  Physically leaving certainly doesn’t always coincide with leaving emotionally and mentally.  Of course the people from CT are still a part of my present, but being an active member of CT is now my past.  I’ve gotta let that go so I can invest myself somewhere else.  I visited a church this week that was okay.  The pastor was hosting a dinner at his house, which I went to and met a couple from Chicago and another couple who are starting at Fuller and the pastor’s wife might be a job lead.  The church had a really strong community feel, which is great.  I can see myself becoming involved with the people, but it didn’t really feel like the right fit, for a variety of reasons.  You can’t really tell from one visit, though, so I’ll definitely go back.  One of the girls from the class I took this summer invited me to her church, so I think I may go there next week.  They met at 4:00, so I can go to the church I went to this week and hers.  I think it might be kind of strange to go to a church that meets in the afternoon instead of morning, but I’m sure I could adjust 🙂  There are a couple other places to visit, as well.  Right now I really miss fellowship and community.  I only know a few people here in Pasadena and have had more interaction with boxes than people.  I have always considered myself an introvert, but being here alone, even for only a few days, has really made me see how important fellowship really is.  It’s something I was never really lacking in Chicago and often had more than I wanted 🙂

I have pictures from the trip out here, which I need to post… uhh, who am I kidding?  Here’s the link to picasa… Album 1, Album2… It was quite the trip!  5 days total.  It was long, but we had a good time, as you will see from the pictures.  It was amazing to watch the scenery change.  God’s imagination is beyond belief!  There were times when all we could do was stare… at the mountains, at the flatness, at the sunset, at the trees, at the cacti, at the bottles filled with pee littering the side of the road…  I don’t think I caught that on film, and I don’t think we should blame God’s creativity for that one.

Long enough.  I’ll leave you with a few highlights…



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