India 4

What a long day!  Today was filled with processionals.  First we had an opening ceremony for the conference.  All the girls, from the youngest to the college students, had on their uniforms and lined up with flags.  We marched through campus to the Cross Platform.  Once everyone was in place, Dr. Job spoke and began introducing and honoring various people.  I had no idea he was introducing all the foreign delegates!  One by one, each group went forward and every member of the group had to go up on the podium to give a greeting and receive a garland.  Well, I pranced up there after Paulette and when I turned, Ashlie Bonin was right behind me on the top step.  I was a little nervous since there was no railing, but managed to shimmy around her and thought I was okay… pride definitely goes before a fall!  I saw myself going down but the more I tried to right myself, the more I lost it!  In true Becky fashion, I managed to fall down the marble steps in front of everyone, including an international camera crew!  Everyone stopped and stared while an elderly nun and priest rushed over to help me off the ground.  Seriously?!?!  A nun and priest?  There wasn’t anyone else, I don’t know, maybe someone under 70, to come scoop me up?  I was SO SHAME!!!  As I stood, one of the photographers was right there to document it all… what a blessing!

Later we had a graduation ceremony.  Every single person was in the processional… over an hour total.  The ceremony lasted another 2 hours, and it was so hard to stay awake.  We had been up since 5 and then seemingly had walked all day.  So many of the girls were falling asleep and I wanted to join them and put my head down on the table, too.

It was a long tiring day, but all the processions made for some great pictures and I think I’m finally getting the hang of eating with my hands… although every meal I manage to sling something in the floor or on my lap or the lap of the person next to me!


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