Show me the Money!

While I have nowhere near the money of Tom Cruise or Cuba Gooding, Jr., I do have money to go to school!  Praise the Lord! 

Yesterday I recieved notification of my financial aid package.  While most of it is loans, I did recieve some grant money.  Yay for free money!  Now to figure out how to not take so much in loans.  Tightening of the budget is necessary!

So as I’m basking in his faithful provision for school, I find out that my trip to India is going to be much more expensive than expected due to some flight issues.  Hmm… and I already haven’t had great success in raising the funds needed.  But, I know this is something God has called me to, so I have to trust that he will provide.  And while I wish I had Tom or Cuba’s money, I know the end result of walking by faith and being obedient to God’s will is much more rewarding than a big, fat paycheck.

It’s a good thing the Lord gave me a faith “check-up” yesterday!

(If you think God wants to provide through you… click HERE.  And thank you 🙂 )


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