Finding Rest

I don’t talk much about my kids from church on here.  Not sure why, because I certainly do love them!  Sunday our lesson was on walking by faith, not sight.  Certainly something all of us need to be reminded of from time to time.  What I didn’t realize was that I needed to be reminded.  Through all that’s happened the last few months, I really felt like I was walking by faith… seminary was definitely not on my radar and just applying felt like a huge leap of faith to me.  But this morning as I was studying in Hebrews, I realized I’ve taken somewhat of a step backwards where my faith and trust are concerned. 

I was studying Hebrews 3-4 which, in a very tiny nutshell, tells us that the Israelites did not enter into God’s rest because of their unbelief.  Since my acceptance at Fuller, I’ve managed to become a big stress-ball… worried about finances… worried about finding a roommate… worried about leaving Chicago… worried about money to go to India… worried about Ashley and Amanda… worried about finishing work… worry, worry, worry. 

But faith doesn’t worry; unbelief worries.  Faith trusts God to provide. 

It’s no wonder worries and stress wear us out… we can’t enter God’s rest when our hearts are full of doubt and fears!

But we are also told that the promise of entering His rest still stands for those who have believed!

Sunday I led the children in a prayer that God would strengthen the faith in their hearts and help them to trust him.  That has become my prayer today, too.  Strengthen my faith, that I may enter Your rest.

How wonderful to be able to stand on the promises of God!


4 thoughts on “Finding Rest

  1. Becky, how true your words are. I do not share all of your beliefs, but I do believe that it takes faith in a higher power alive in myself to overcome the fears and worry that threaten to burden me. I like the passage you presented from Hebrews. I will pull my dusty Bible off the shelf and read it again later…

  2. How our lives have always been so intertwined and similar, even when we’re separated by hundreds or thousands of miles and circumstances, constantly amazes me. How many times have you been telling me something and the whole time I’m thinking “That’s just what I was thinking about when you called!” Well, here it is again…all day long I’ve been thinking about my life and where God has taken me and how many times I’ve had to literally live by faith. For we walk by faith, and not by sight. In fact, the old hymn “Living By Faith” has been rolling around and around in my brain all morning…one of the songs that once placed refuses to leave!

    I guess perhaps that during one of the many times that Daddy and I were forced to live by faith you caught sight of it and realized that living by faith in Jesus alone is not such a bad way to live after all!

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