From C to Shining C… C… C

This summer is going to be one of the fullest, most adventurous of my life… so far anyway!  I thought the summer of ’05 was pretty epic ~ college friends’ weddings, quitting my job, moving to Chicago alone! Okay, I was only alone for less than 2 months before Ashley came, but still, it was pretty intense for my then-21-year-old self.

Well, this year is definitely going to be one for the history books, my personal history books, at least.  As you know (if you don’t know, look here) I’m leaving Chicago for sunny California.  That alone would be enough to shake my core…  leaving my first and only “real” job after 4 (more or less) great years… leaving the church that has so grown and challenged me and become my family… leaving my roommie of 4 years… leaving my other roommie who helped domesticate me… leaving my kids at church… moving out west… going back to school.  I could continue, but I won’t.

But between Chicago and California, I have a couple other stops…

First up Coimbatore, India! 

 In Coimbatore, there is a man with a mission.  A mission driven by deep, personal loss and intense passion.  This man, Dr. PP Job, has a home for girls, the daughters of persecuted and martyred Christians.  Dr. Job’s own son, Michael Job, was martyred while studying to become a medical doctor. 

Would you please look at these precious babies?!  I do use the term “babies” loosely, by the way.  But they are the daughters of the Most High God, his babies.

I have the opportunity to travel with my aunt and HeartHidden Ministries to work at the Michael Job Centre this summer.  Did you look at those pictures?  Who could possibly say no? 

There are currently ~500 girls living at the centre.  They are educated pre-school through college.  As adults, they can possess a secular university degree in one hand and a theological degree in the other! But they are also given plenty of love and are trained in the ways of God, spending time each day in prayer and worship.  They keep a schedule few of us could keep up with!

I’ll be spending a couple weeks in India at the MJC, first for a conference on the girl-child and then to spend some time with the girls.  Apparently we are going to a water park, where we must where our clothes (sari? salwar?) in the water… interesting.  We are also going to visit some Church of God pastors.  I’m not totally sure what is going to happen, but I do know God has opened this door and I must walk through it.  If you want to walk with me, you can go here to donate to the trip.  Just drop me a note to let me know if you do.  And above all, please hold us up in prayer as we go and pray for the needs of the Michael Job Centre.  They will be there long after I’m home.

One last thought about Coimbatore…



I know I shouldn’t have favorites, but just look at that face… doesn’t she look like she’s up to something?  If you haven’t gone already… GO!


Next stop… Cleveland!  Tennessee, not Ohio.  When I get back from India I will be temporarily moving in with my parents.  I’m very grateful for them, otherwise I would be homeless from July to September.  Aren’t parents the greatest?!  So, another “I’m not sure, but…”  I have no idea what I’m going to do while I’m in Cleveland.  Maybe experience a little reverse culture shock?  Then come September, I’m heading west! 

So my summer from Chicago to Coimbatore to Cleveland to California… C to sunshiny C!


2 thoughts on “From C to Shining C… C… C

  1. Hey Becky! WOW…sounds like you are super busy! I’m so proud of you. You really are living life to the fullest the way God intended it to be. I must say I’m jealous that you have been able to shed Cleveland for some other areas beyond the horizon. I always knew you would do well and go far. Congratulations on the missions opportunity in India. I will lift you up in prayer as often as possible! Be safe and look me up when you are back in Cleveland if possible! Lots of love and support!


  2. Wow — thanks for keeping us posted on your EXCITING life and BIG THINGS God is doing in your life! Wow!!! We’ll be praying for you and will MISS YOU!!!! Now I’ll be the only Becky in the church …. ;(

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