Full, FULLER, Fullest

Good, Better, Best… Never let it rest… Til your Good is Better… And your Better is Best!

A silly little rhyme my 5th grade teacher had on the wall to remind us of the superlative forms of the word “good”.  Apparently it stuck, cause… well, I just typed it and I don’t think I say “gooder” or “goodest” too often.  Please correct me if you ever hear me saying those!

Anyway, as I’ve been pondering the happenings of the last few months, weeks, days… I’ve realized that silly little rhyme is a nice illustration of what God wants for us.  Good is okay… better is, well, better… but God wants to give us his best.  And he doesn’t want us to rest until we seek him for the best he has for us.  The prophet Isaiah tells us, “You who call on the Lord, give yourselves no rest, and give him no rest till he establishes Jerusalem and makes her the praise of the earth.”  Don’t rest and don’t allow God to rest until he has made Israel the praise of the earth.  Can’t get much better than being the praise of the earth!  And aren’t we as Christians an extension of Israel, or something like that?  I’m not a Bible scholar (yet), so that may not be quite right, but regardless, I think that verse applies to us, too.  Don’t rest till God gives you his best.

So my time in Chicago has been good, really good.  Better than anything previous, but is Chicago God’s best for me?  When I moved here I had no idea what God had in store, but for quite some time, as good as it was, I knew God had more for me… I just didn’t know what.  Over the last year+, God has been placing a burden in my heart, deeper and deeper still.  I honestly tried to ignore it for a while, because I just loved Chicago so much and really, how am I to accomplish what He is asking of me!  But finally, I couldn’t stand it any longer; I knew something had to change.  As I sought the Lord and asked people to come alongside and help me seek him for his best, my daddy (here on earth) took me aside and told me I couldn’t accept God’s calling without accepting the equipping for that call.  Interesting, but how do I do that?  Seminary was his answer.  Seriously?!  Me?  Seminary?  Okay, maybe… maybe Moody grad school, maybe the Church of God Theological Seminary, maybe.

Enter Fuller Theological Seminary

I had heard of Fuller for, well forever, I guess.  My dad had looked into Fuller, so had my brother.  Cream of the crop, everyone says.  I had never imagined myself going to seminary, especially not Fuller.  One day in a fit of boredom, I pulled up the website and stumbled upon a program in Children-At-Risk.  Only one like it in the country, apparently.  Hmm… could it be that God has already prepared a place to prepare me for this call?

 I started the process, dragging my feet a little along the way, but plugging along… seeking, writing, praying, talking, listening. 

Monday, March 23, I recieved notification of my acceptance.  Okay, it’s real now, not just a thought, a plan, an idea. 

I’m moving… to California… to go to seminary!

So last week, my mom and I headed out to Pasadena, CA to check things out.  And I must say, it was such a blessing, such a confirmation that this is indeed what God has in store for me for this time of life. 

Fuller… better?  Yes!  The best?  For right now, yes; ultimately, no.  God is always calling us deeper, pulling us closer to him, drawing us up higher mountians, asking us to dig deeper wells.  Last night, Pastor Toledo spoke on digging new wells and the refreshing that comes when we step out to a new land and dig a new well (Genesis 26); that is where I am right now… digging a new well in a new land.  Scary though it may be, I’m just starting to dig this new well, but can already feel the refreshing.  One day, he will tell me to move on and start digging a new, fresher well.  But the knowledge of his refreshing will be enough to step out in faith again.

It reminds me of a song from my childhood…  “His love is richer, deeper, fuller, sweeter as the days go by…”


2 thoughts on “Full, FULLER, Fullest

  1. Amen and amen! Thank you for your encouragement in these words. I love how you say, “fuller, the best-yes, for now…” It’s so true! Man, I have much to chew on from this post…love you friend! Let’s hang out again soon!!

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