The Wedding

100_06463I don’t really know what to say here… 

My grandmother got married.

That pretty much sums it up!

I love my grandmother very much.  For most of my life, she has been widowed.  It never seemed strange that she was not married, that’s just how it was.  Looking back now, I realize how young she was when my grandfather departed, not much older than my parents are now.  How many life events did she go through without her husband… grandchildren, anniversary milestones – both hers and those of her children, graduations, weddings.  And those are the big things, what about all the daily things that we often overlook when surrounded by family and friends… Sunday dinners, parties, a great movie.


God looks out for the widow and the orphan.  I’m sure He was her sustenance these last 21 years and at the right time, He brought a man into her life to walk with her through the next 21. 🙂  That man happens to be George Kuhl. 


They go to church together and he, too, lost his spouse.  Saturday, April 18, they were married!  The wedding was lovely.  My cousins and I served as bridesmaids, while George’s brothers and a friend were the groomsmen.  What a set we made!  I managed to fit in my dress and not fall out, which was quite the undertaking. 



And at the reception, I was lucky enough to catch the bouquet.  (I hope you sense my sarcasm.)  Now, it wasn’t really a fair bouquet toss, seeing as the only single “women” were my 19 year old triplet cousins, two little girls who couldn’t have been more than 10, and me.  I kept stepping back and off to the side.  I was almost under the cake table by the time she actually threw it and it nearly hit me in the head!  I had no choice but to throw my hands up in an attempt to protect myself.  I really think she was scheming, the little schemer!



It was a great weekend, but for a fleeting moment during the ceremony, I felt a sharp pang.  I missed my Papaw.  I have only a few memories of him and in that moment I wished more than anything that I could have known him better… 


Oh yeah, we had a surprise bachelorette party.  Hmmm… grannies gone wild is about all I can say about that 😉100_04823


I don’t say it nearly enough… my brother is the greatest.  I love him!


Isn’t this picture just precious! 


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