What do you get when you combine veggies with fellowship?  Why, vellowship of course!

Last night Shelly and I got together for dinner at a place we didn’t realize was raw vegan.  Vegetarian, yes.  Raw vegan, no.  The food was definitely pretty.

Exhibit A:  Shelly’s food

shellys food

The two bowls have hummus and guacamole with flax seed chips and eggplant “chips”, upper right corner is mini flax seed pizza, with lots of mushroom, avocado and olive tapenade, lower left corner is a bok choy salad, random tomatoes and lettuce.

Exhibit B:  My food


The bowl is a tropical extravaganza! fruit salad sprinkled with currants and coconut, the three lettuce boats at the top are mango “tacos”, large eggplant “chip” right in the middle, beet salad bottom center, spinach fritatta to the left, random tomatoes and lettuce.

I must say, the fellowship was much better than the food.  The food was okay, I just don’t like my veggies raw.  I’m from the south… my veggies must be cooked nearly beyond recognition and drowned in either drippings or butter.  Okay, so I’m not that bad, but seriously, don’t tell me my mango tacos have refried beans, which actually turns out to be smashed avocado.  Not a happy surprise.  But, it wasn’t bad.  Everything was fresh and flavorful, even if not flavors I particularly love.  The key lime “cheesecake” was really delightful and creamy.  I was pleasantly surprised to receive a beet salad on the side.  I love beets!

As for Shelly, I love her even more than beets!  I am definitely going to miss her.  Ooh, it stings to think that and write it.  Ok, now my heart is pounding a little harder as so many faces I’m going to miss flash through my mind at rapid pace…

Ok, I’m back.  There are so many reasons I love and value Shelly and her friendship.  She posesses a strength and depth too few people our age have found.  And she has a beautiful heart for worship. And a squirm-inducing intensity when she listens.  And she knows how to laugh… seriously knows how to laugh.  And she’s southern.

And I think she was really excited about all the veggies and having her picture taken…


A ShellFish by any other name… would be a shrimp, or mussel, or crab, or lobster, or…

One thought on “Vellowship

  1. Burdelle! You can’t write things like that…I’m gonna cry. I too easily forget you’re moving, even though that’s why I know we’re squeezing in more time together. I’m just in denial!! Let’s schedule another date–SOON! Great blog =) love you =)

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