I am so excited!  For my birthday, Ashley and Amanda got me this book I had been dying for, The Bread Bakers Apprentice.  I love it, I love the author, it has taken my bread baking to a new level… of psychotic-ness perhaps.  Soon after, I googled the author, Peter Reinhart, who just happens to have a blog (who doesn’t these days?).  Turns out he’s writing a new book and he takes plain old, average bread bakers, like yours truly, to be his test bakers for the recipes in the book!  The catch, however, is that you can’t just sign up whenever.  You have to wait until he opens the list.  Back in January he announced he would be opening the test bakers list again, so I waited with bated breath… pounced on the website… and missed it by only hours!  He had to close it early due to so many people signing up.  Ugh!

Last week he announced he would be opening the list again.  The problem, he would be opening it on Sunday, and I don’t have a computer at home.  Maybe I could steal Ashley’s or Amanda’s… or maybe I would forget 😦 

Monday morning, first thing I jumped to his site and sent him an email… I made it!  I’m an official bread tester with my first recipe!  And my name will be listed in his book!  And I can get a signed copy of the book at a tester’s discount!  WOO and HOO!!!

This is not going to help me fit into my bridesmaid dress.



One thought on “Finally!

  1. How cool is that?!?! Be sure to send me the recipe. I made a loaf of bread the lazy way this weekend – electric bread machine. It was yucky. I’m wanting some of your bread. Right now!!!

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