Wii will, Wii will…

Eat Pancakes!

Sorry… that was really, really corny.  I won’t do it again, maybe.  Although, I can’t make any promises.  I was permanently scarred regarding that song when I was in, oh I don’t know, 2nd grade.  I was in the Church of God’s version of girl scouts – JoyBells “We Serve Joyfully!”  For the jamboree, we had to come up with a cheer.  Oh yes, you see where I’m going.  Our little troop lined up and chanted “We will, we will Praise him, Praise him.”  Oh my!  We had motions and everything; I think there were three verse.  I was so embarrased.  Still am, kinda.  So, anytime some one says “we will…” in my mind, I’m instantly seven again in my little green and yellow outfit.

Wow, what a bunny-trail! 

Anyway, tonight is CT’s 20 Something’s (great name Pastor Armand!) Wii party and Pancake fest.  I added the fest part.  I think they just said we are eating pancakes.  I think pancakes should be festive.  I made peanut butter syrup.  That’ll certainly make it a fest!  Apparently there’s a boxing tournament.  I knew nothing of this.  My dear roommie informed me that’s what the Wii part is all about, a boxing tournament.  Huh.  I’m not so sure.  I wasn’t planning on playing anyway.  I’m a big enough dork without everyone seeing my mad gaming skills.  Ok, so I was the kid who ran Mario off the ledge every single time.  Or couldn’t get over the drain pipe.  Seriously, why are drain pipes sticking straight up out of the ground?  The only game I could halfway play was duck hunt and even then sometimes I had to hold the gun right up to the screen to shoot the blasted things.  Ah, the beauty of childhood!  Rambling again…

Back to tonight, I’m heading over after our children’s church meeting (I’ve got to post some pictures and a blog about the new CT’s Playhouse!).  I’m excited to see who shows up and hopefully meet some new people.  You’ll find me in the kitchen, where I’m much more comfortable.  My mama taught me how to be a good southern girl!


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